Ear protection for musicians

Elacin® hearing protection against noise

Elacin® (often called the hearing protection for musicians) is a hearing protector with a revolutionary filter ensuring the linear attenuation in the frequency range from 125 to 8000 Hz. Owing to the linear attenuation the “noise” maintains its natural sound without any distortion. It is the same as if you reduce the volume of your radio. Due to that Elacin® is highly suitable for musicians and other individuals for whom the natural sound is very important.

Standard ear protectors are not suitable for this purpose. Their attenuation is much higher than necessary, and it grows together with the increasing frequency. This feature causes distortion of speech and music, in particular. Elacin® is manufactured individually and customized for each user; it is made of antiallergic two-component soft silicone (Shore 70). You can choose from three filters having specific attenuation:

  • ER9: Average attenuation of 9 dB(A)
  • ER15: Average attenuation of 15 dB(A)
  • ER25: Average attenuation of 25 dB(A)

All filters are of the same size and they are interchangeable. Elacin is supplied in transparent design as standard, but it can be produced in different colours upon request.

After producing an imprint of auditory meatus, the cast is sent to Germany where the manufacturing takes place.

The total delivery time is 3 weeks.

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